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Works by Eric Stone


Grave Imports
Type of work: Novel
Published by: Bleak House Books
ISBN: 978-1-932557-47-3
Setting: Hong Kong, Shenzhen China, Thailand and Cambodia
Brief plot description: An investigation into the smuggling of stolen Cambodian antiquities leads to the remnants of the Khmer Rouge.
Character notes: Ray Sharp, expatriate American, now works for a corporate investigations firm. He's trying to get over the trauma of what happened to him in the first book in the series.
Notes: The second book in the series. Based on the facts of the trade in stolen Cambodian art.

The Living Room of the Dead
Type of work: Novel
Published by: Bleak House Books
ISBN: 1-59228-439-6
Setting: Hong Kong, Macau, Vladivostok Russia
Brief plot description: A British lawyer in Hong Kong falls in love with a Russian prostitute and tries to buy her out of her contract with the mafia. Bad things happen. Based on a true story. First in a series.
Character notes: Ray Sharp, the protagonist (series character) is an expatriate American journalist in Asia.
Notes: Based on a true story I covered while working as a journalist in Asia. A great many of the details and the places described are real.

Wrong Side of the Wall: The Life of Blackie Schwamb,
the Greatest Prison Baseball Player of All Time
Type of work: Biography
Published by: Lyons Press
ISBN: 1-59228-439-6
Setting: Los Angeles, 1940s; San Quentin and Folsom prisons, 1950s.
Brief plot description: A true crime, sports biography of Ralph “Blackie” Schwamb, who in the 1940s was one of the greatest baseball prospects in the country. At the same time as he was working his way up into the major leagues, he was working for gangsters in L.A. He murdered a man in 1949, was sentenced to life in prison, and became famous playing baseball in prison.

Flight of the Hornbill
Type of work: Novel
Published by: Bleak House Books
ISBN: 978-1606480229
Setting: Indonesia
Brief plot description: Based on the true story of the Bre-X gold fraud.

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